Environment and PCB: a perfect combination

PreventPCB continues to grow and celebrate the birth of the new company Prevent Digital-Lab, a company that supports customers looking for the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

The mission of PreventPCB has always been to stand by the customers who are looking for a product.

which can be guaranteed throughout its life. The Vergiate company, a small town in the province of Varese with an industrial vocation, was founded in 1997 and has grown over time looking for a control line to support the production of circuits made in China. In the PreventPCB development path, a significant first date, after the foundation is the 2003, in which the company created its own line at its Varese headquarters. Over the years the company has progressively evolved, arriving, in 2007, to create a scientific area that challenges customer support even in the analysis of the assembled boards.

In addition, in 2010, PreventPCB decided to be physically present with around thirty resources in the large Asian country, specifically at the production lines approved by PreventPCB. Since then some partnerships have been born, all united in order to ensure the maximum guarantee of the product to the customer. The development process has become more important, especially since it created a business in 2012 a network of companies set up internally by partner companies that share the path of innovation.

An initiative that, moving from promoting services linked to the traceability of PCBs and products to ensure maximum guarantee, has led over time to the recent birth of a new company: Prevent Digital-Lab.

A global presence

In addition to the Vergiate headquarters, PreventPCB is also based in Padua, where seminars are held and services are provided for clients in the Triveneto area. Beyond the Alps, the company is present in Switzerland with a headquarters to coordinate activities in the Canton of Ticino. Looking outside Europe, in addition to the main headquarters in Shenzen and another pole active in Shanghai with thirty people committed to supporting the production of the PCBs. That's not all: to these is also added an active sales office in Brazil and, for next year, the goal is to open an office in Boston, in the United States. As a Group present on three continents, PreventPCB closed 2018 with a turnover of 25 million, showing constant growth within a trend that has once again been confirmed as positive. At the moment PreventPCB can boast a reliability percentage of 99.2%, however the company aims at zero defects, declared objective and set for the next years. As regards logistics, PreventPCB can rely on a branch office near the Malpensa airport, able to provide any type of service to better manage the orders in the most pleasant time for the customer. Regarding services, the new company Prevent Digital-Lab carries out analyzes on the materials that must be guaranteed on the production lines and that, therefore, are approved by the Varese company itself; in addition, it provides the qualification of printed circuits (from the PCBA to the more complex tests such as metallographic sections, passing through the X-Ray inspection); finally, it offers reliability services to carry out aging tests on products by simulating the life of PCB in order to guarantee the same performance over the years.

In addition to the properly characterizing services, such as failure analysis and pcb qualification, the PreventPCB offer has therefore become significantly wider over time. Consider, in fact, the support of Research & Development, the technical support for each printed circuit, especially for the more complex ones in order to optimize those processes that are currently not yet sufficiently performing. The range of services is completed by courses and seminars regularly held, at least one a month and held throughout Italy, sometimes in collaboration with IPC certification bodies.

Your quality system integrator

Going into more detail about the new company Prevent Digital-Lab, the intention of the new company is to follow the customer throughout its end-to-end production process, using PreventPCB technology.

MydigiLab is the brand that represents an innovative service platform for an end to end product traceability. The goal of Prevent Digital-Lab is to be a sort of quality system integrator, increasing the quality for customers and at the same time increasing manufacturing excellence through a well-defined project that starts with education through the Academy, a phase that foresees activities of training to make the customers understand the technologies that will be touched in the future. Also for Prevent Digital-Lab innovation today means Industry 4.0, a paradigm embraced through the inclusion of the QR Code on the board to start making products "talk". For the future, the goal is to "spread" the word on all the steps of the production process, to make customers ready for the 5G network revolution, once it is active.

Clearly, quality is confirmed as fundamental: a defect on a pcb found in time can be replaced in the face of limited costs of failure; in fact, these could increase significantly on the assembled circuit and even more problematically on a finished product. Prevent Digital-Lab is also a portal that offers the possibility of online samples interfacing with the most important electronic components distributors.

Thanks to the use of the QR Code, the initiative allows customers to embrace Industry 4.0, activating a chain of intelligent information that reaches up to MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), thus collecting data relating to timing and parameters of production processes.

Whether it is a batch QR Code, which is the same on all PCBs, or a progressive QR Code, therefore from time to time different, it is always the same technology that has the function of inserting the printed circuit into the process. In any case, when the cards are delivered to the customer, he receives a printed circuit with a code. Each of them is as if it had a name and a surname that distinguishes it from the others. All the information and useful services to feed a database that the customer can query with any device through a special App or Web portal are linked to this.