Practical / technical event on product & process qualifications machinery.

Special thanks to our partners Leica, Weiss, Microcontrol and SPEAR for making the event interesting and stimulating.

Company presentation and partecipants - Prevent Group, Leica, Weiss, SPEA

PreventPCB: Preventive checks for project validation - J. Milione

SPEA: Testing introduction - F. Curti

Leica: Product range overview - Massimo Magni

PreventPCB: What does it mean to qualify a product. Case history - L. Magnoli

Weiss: Product range overview - Ing. Fabio Di Fede

Pranzo a buffet

Practicla training: X-Ray Tomography, Accelerating aging (Climate Chambers), Optcial Inspection. Metallographic sections, Test Engineering

Q&A - Technical Discussion